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October 18, 2016

The best way to find yourself is to get lost. Inspiration comes when you least expect it. A simple walk through the park or on the beach can lead to a myriad of inspiration. I, like so many others, have found inspiration from simply staring at a piece of nature until it makes sense in my head. I look at a piece of wood and I know that, if I have the right motivation, I can make something truly beautiful.

September 8, 2016

The best feeling of accomplishment comes from the moment that you realize that you have created something beautiful out of something incredibly ordinary. The world is full of ordinary things; it is the job of the artist to take the ordinary and create something truly extraordinary. I find pieces of driftwood on the beach that most likely came from old pilings or a tree that happened to fall nearby. The piece is warped, water-logged, and altogether unappealing to the ordinary person. I, however, do not see something unappealing; using my mind's eye, I can see something beautiful. That is what defines me; that is what truly makes m...

December 31, 2015

It's always fun to take a minute and really look at the world around you. If you are ever on a ski lift or waiting to catch a wave, take a moment to seriously take in your surroundings. The beauty of the world is indescribable. Looking at nature is the ultimate instiller of inspiration. I can look at a tree and imagine using the branches to create a perfect rocking chair. I can look at a piece of driftwood and see a table worthy of being featured in a magazine. It is great to have the best of both worlds because you can see the world from two completely different points of view. It is from these points of view that the greatest c...

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